Leeds Bunnies FAQs

How do I begin the booking process at Leeds Bunnies?

Browse through our available escorts and select the one that you fancy. Pick up the phone and give us a call. We will then take times, dates etc and will book you in.

What information do I need to provide Leeds Bunnies?

If you are booking an outcall we will need information such as your phone number, your hotel or home address, date of booking as well as full name. In most cases we will take a deposit for outcalls. For incalls we will need your name, number and time of booking. If you have booked with us before let us know as we may have your information on file.

What is myself or the escort decides to cancel the date?

If you decide to cancel your date let us know in advance. If the escort decides to cancel the date this is most likely going to be due to personal or health reasons. If the escort cancels we will let you know ahead of time and will be able to offer you a replacement.

Is booking an escort with Leeds Bunnies illegal. Is there any laws against this?

We work with adult escorts only. This means we aren’t violating any laws. You are paying for companionship only which is legal. Leeds Bunnies only arranges companionship between two individuals. All of our escorts are a minimum of age 18.

How do I pay for a booking?

You will pay for the booking at the hotel or apartment you meet your escort. Please be aware all escorts are to be paid in advance and will count the money before calling for a driver to take the money from them. Be aware of this so you are not freaked out when it happens. Outcalls require a deposit to be paid beforehand.

What does the Privacy Policy include?

As a professional escort agency we are committed to full discretion. All escorts are reliable, friendly and trust able. We only ask for your personal information to make sure our escorts are safe. All outcall escorts are accompanied by a driver.

Can I book an extra date at Leeds Bunnies?

Yes we do offer double dates so just get in touch with us to get more information on this. You need to let us know which escorts you want for a duo at the time of booking.

Are there any other rules at Leeds Bunnies?

It is important to be clean and hygienic. You need to meet your escort at the given place so we can confirm payment. Negotiating prices with the escorts is strictly forbidden.