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Getting an Adult Massage

An adult massage can be amongst one of the most confusing terms in the industry. Most escorts offer a massage and you can also get an adult massage from many parlours.

What you want to happen during your massage is largely down to you and the person giving the massage. You should always discuss your expectations of the massage beforehand just to make sure that you are both on the same page. It can be embarrassing and awkward if at the end you ask for a happy ending or more and it isn’t something that is offered.

There are different types of massage, Nuru massage and tantric massages come to mind. With a tantric massage you can expect to be felt all over your body with close attention being paid to your private areas.

You may also hear about Swedish massages; this is a strictly no sex service and usually performed by someone that has studied massage and knows how to make the client relax and stimulate muscle.

Another common type of massage is a Nuru massage, this is performed with both people naked and the masseuse using a special gel as a lubricant to slip and rub all over the client’s body and genitals. A Nuru massage can be fun and if you want to take it even further you can ask for penetration before you start.

If you want to take your massage even further, then why not involve yet another person and go for a four handed massage. A lot of escorts do offer duo appointments, and this means that two ladies will be performing the massage at the same time. You can end up in a raunchy three some at the end.

Adult massages have been around for many years and there are many different types. It all depends on what you want or what fantasy you want to indulge. If you want to unwind before sex, then it is usually best to agree this with your escort upfront and we would recommend the tantric massage. There is nothing quite like having your entire body felt and then finishing with steamy sex.

Escorts that have been in the industry for years are usually very experienced when it comes to these types of massages and if you really want the real experience then you want to go with an escort that knows what she is doing.

Some escorts especially older and more mature escorts offer massages to their clients to provide a sexual experience without having to go through with intercourse. Some escorts can build you up to the point of climax through a massage and can then leave you to finish yourself. If you agree upfront, she may even let you cum all over her face.

Whatever the massage you are after it is best to agree with the provider up front so as to save you from any embarrassment or awkward moments during the massage. Remember you have to set your expectations at the beginning, but it can well be worth the experience.

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