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UK Escort Agencies

Many escorts start their life out with an agency. They usually do it this way because it is an easier way to make sure that they are getting constant bookings. Going with an agency gives you the peace of mind with someone else making the bookings, getting you work and putting money into your pocket.

Most agencies are running with a secretary and drivers. It is the job of the secretary to take calls and make bookings, she then forwards this information on to the relevant girls. As you will be travelling a lot on your job most agencies also have a driver. It is his job to pick you and drop you off to your destination and then pick you up again at the end of the booking. This ensures safety for you and is the best way to travel since you know you have protection. It will also avoid taxi fees.

What Can You Expect from an Agency?

Whilst you are working for an agency you must always look the part. It is a key part of your job to ensure you are always clean, dresses appropriately and always have your hair and makeup done. A lot of agencies have regular customers so if you don’t look good or are not clean then you can expect the number of repeat customers to decrease. This is neither good for you nor the agency.

You are expected to be on time for your appointments, the last thing you want to do is turn up late and upset a client. If the client has a busy schedule, then you won’t be able to provide the full time, and this could potentially lead to a loss of repeat bookings.

Whilst you are moving about it is important that the agency knows where you are always. This is for your safety and so they can get in touch should they need to.

When it is the end of your appointment you need to make sure that you collect the money and leave on time. You must give good service to your client as the agency wants repeat bookers.

Escort Agency Fees

Escort agency fees vary with each agency that you go with. You can expect the agency to take anywhere from 30-50% of the booking fee. Whilst this may seem like a lot it can be justified as agencies have a lot of costs. They need to consider that the secretary takes a percentage from each booking and they also need to factor in the driver costs. In addition to this the most expensive cost for an agency is the advertising. This can be a huge chunk of the money that is coming in which is why the 30-50% fee can be justified.

Refusing Appointments

When you first join an agency, you will be asked of the services that you offer, as there are a huge range of services in escorting and every clients taste is different. It is important to be open and honest about the services that you offer since the agency does not want to send you to a client and put you in a situation that you are not comfortable in.

The most important thing is to be honest and confident with the receptionist about the services that you are willing to provide.

You do have the right to refuse appointments if the client is being abusive towards you. If at any time you don’t feel safe you can leave and let the agency know what has happened and why you have left.

If you do end up in a situation where the client is physically or verbally abusive towards you then you should leave immediately and call the agency and let them know what has happened, the first thing that they will do is bar the client and if it is a serious situation they will then inform the police.

Escort agencies will listen to you, if you want to refuse an appointment then you need to let the agency know but you need to make sure that there is a genuine reason such as a client being abusive, if it is for a reason such as you don’t find the client attractive then this won’t go down well with the agency. If you keep this up, then they will most likely end up getting rid of you. You must understand that the agency will be spending a huge amount of money to advertise you and if you are refusing for silly reasons then they really don’t have a choice but to let you go.

Escort Agency Joining Fee

Some agencies will ask for a joining fee, this might not be a lot of money, but it is usually taken to ensure you are serious about your job. The last thing that they want to do is take you on, take bookings for you and you turn up late, do not turn up dressed appropriately or do not turn up at all. Whilst it might seem like a lot of money that you are outlying it is not a lot compared to what the agency has to pay to advertise you.

When joining an agency, you should make sure that the agency you are joining is right for you. When you meet with the owner make sure to ask any questions you are unsure about, this will help avoid disappointment in the long run.

Your Interview

When you are invited to an interview it is usually best to take a friend with you. If you are invited for an interview and are told you need to have free sex, then you should leave and call the police. Some agency owners might want to have sex with you as part of the interview, but this is usually not a requirement, the owners that do have sex with you will pay you for your time.

Two sexy ladies in high heels. Women having sex. Lesbians, prostitutes or escorts. Long legs silhouette in red light. Sexual glamour lingerie models. Laying on bed. Home bedroom, hotel or brothel.

You need to remember that everything you do is through your own choice and you should enter the industry with an open mind.

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