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Why Do Married Men Use Escorts

Why do married men use escorts

Escorting has been around since the beginning of time. Prosititution is known as one of the oldest professions in the world and it is not without reason. You may ask yourself what would drive a married man to cheat on their partner and pay for sex with a stranger that they don’t know. For us to get down to the bottom of this we need to delve deep to figure out what exactly drives married men to take such a step. For someone that has never been with an escort this may seem like a difficult task, but it is not that difficult. Here are some reasons why married men decide to use an escort service.

Sex Life

Men can have high sex drives and can get to the point when they are not satisfied by their wives anymore. If a husband wants a blowjob and his wife refuses it then the thought will linger on his mind until it overtakes his senses and becomes the only thing he can think about. Every time someone has sex or watches porn, they think of the things that they miss out on. Over time this feeling will take control of every aspect of one’s life until it gets to the point that it is impossible to enjoy any part of their sex life.

With an escort you get rid of these problems. Since you are paying the escort you can set your own rules. You can decide what will happen in bed and the escort will do whatever is required. Cheating for most people allows them to live out their fantasies. One of the reasons that most men use escorts is because they have boring sex lives and have fantasies that they want to live out. They don’t have a grudge against their wives, most of the time it is just that they want to experience something different. The number one reason that men tend to use when cheating on their wives is that the sex is boring. Once you have seen all the things that happen in porn the sex life offered by the Mrs will just not be good enough.


If there is constant headache and fighting at home, then most of the time you will need an external release. Going to an escort most of the time is because we want to spend time away from partners. The embrace of an escort can be comforting, and escorts will do whatever is asked if they are paid. It is a thrilling experience for many men and ever more for those that have never been with an escort before. If there is constant fighting, then this will most likely serve as a viable excuse. When it all comes down to it is about the connection that two people share with each other. If they don’t have a strong connection, then the relationship is most likely headed for failure.

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